Tango Coach. Dancer, choreographer and teacher.

A multifaceted artist known worldwide for his creative approach on Tango.


Born in Buenos Aires and graduated from the National Academy of Tango, Diego was appointed by Horacio Ferrer, President of this institution, as Coordinator of the youth activities; where orchestras and dancers emerged from and are still today nourishing the Tango scene.

Currently, Diego is an Academic Member of the Intermediate Generation.

- In 1993 he began specializing in Tango Health in the Favaloro Foundation. Supported and guided by Dr. René Favaloro, he developed his professional work by teaching Tango to cardiology patients.

- Due to his labor in Tango Health, in 1996 he received a scholarship by Dr. Rene Favaloro to rotate between major university hospitals in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland - United States - in order to specialize himself in Community Outreach Services through dance therapy.

- On his return to Argentina, in 1997, he was named in the First Youth Forum BID - INTAL (part of the "Youth Pulse" Program - International Development Bank) as "Young Noteworthy" in the Culture Area, for his professional work as dancer and Tango teacher.

- In 1998 he applied and won a scholarship on "New forms of cultural management" by the Organization of American States/Organización de Estados Americanos, (OAS - OEA) in Washington DC, USA.

- In 1999 he presented a Tango Project at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, and achieved support from the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture, before a jury of notables composed by, among others, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. With this sponsorship Diego created in UNESCO the intercultural program TANGO BUS, due to which, for more than one decade, he taught and danced at major universities and theaters that were named Human World Heritage.

- In 2004 Diego was selected by UNESCO to carry on the only tango activity sponsored by this organization in the Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona.

There, he presented his dance and theater shows, and became a panelist in a Forum of non-violence languages for young people through the arts.

-In 2005 he presented his art and teachings in the Cultural Corridors of MERCOSUR, appearing in major theaters of 16 Brazilian cities.

- Due to his work in UNESCO, in 2009 Diego was appointed as Ambassador of Peace by UNESCO Fundación Mil Milenios.


Since the first Festival of Tango of Buenos Aires, Diego has participated in it: either as a dancer, a teacher, a jury member.

In 2010, Diego and Andrea decided to create their own School and Cultural Center: “Easy Tango”, that is still active in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nowadays, Diego López also chairs the Association of Tango Coaches of Argentina.

Meet our team

Artistic director of Easy Tango Itinerant Program.


She has been trained as a dancer and Tango teacher by master Diego López.

As a psychologist she provides the interdisciplinary approach to the Teaching Area and Healthy Tango, deepening her method on Emotional Education.


Andrea possesses a delicate style, a substantial stage presence and a permanent imprint, which only the kind of dancers with lineage have, leading with tango imprinted in her DNA.


With Diego they created a unique teaching technique, Easy Tango, and a couple style in which one can appreciate Andrea's contribution from her femininity, expressing her dancing emotions in a very moving way. Their complementing suggests that in this couple the whole Tango is condensed.


Andrea combines, in an harmonious way, the refined technique and the forceful expression, by leaving in the viewer permanent impressions, generating pleasure and the huge privilege of dreaming that any human movement can become art.


A tireless student of new trends, she is constantly learning new ways of female techniques of Tango which she provides students at Easy Tango School.

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