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Everybody can Dance

Easy Tango School

  • Programs: Presential and Virtual

  • Private lessons

     Exclusively for you,         adapted to your             particular needs.

  • Semi-private lessons 

       Create your own Easy               Tango Group!

  • Specific programs 

       For university students

       Easy Tango Argentinian           Week at the university

Tango and Parkinson Coaching

This program aimed at family member, therpists, and students from different disciplines, coaches, physical instructors or any individual from the community interested in leaning Tango dance as a rehabilitaction tool for people with Parkinson´s disease.

ConeXXIon Tango Show

First Tango didactic show in the world.

A historical narrative is intertwined with a love story. An educational and artistic tour allows the audience to travel through time. Music, dance, theater, literature, poetry and visual arts are combined in this one of a kind show. 

Dancers: Diego López and Andrea Starosiliz. 

The primary vision is to achieve that the teaching and learning method Easy Tango expands around the world; and that the people from different cultures learn how to dance Argentine Tango and to teach rapidly and easily. 

The mission is to facilitate the learning experience of Argentinian Easy Tango dance and its teaching to people from different cultures and countries through the Easy Tango method.

Nicolás Briozzo

Easy Tango Staff

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"Easy Tango gave me the opportunity of a lifetime: To approach tango from total ignorance and gradually make it something that feels it should always have been there. Dedication, empathy, and a great focus on personal development is what you will find on any Easy Tango coach"


"A beautiful way to embrace Tango, and learn to dance from the heart!"

Ianina Hryniszak


"A simple way to express ourselves through an embrace" 

Laura Fernandez Mera


"An easy method to understand and enjoy Tango"

Fausto Ferrante


"Easy Tango: Simple and natural. A way to learn, to teach, to live Tango! Embracing, connecting and dancing with our inner self."

Alejandro Sanchez Herrera


"I discovered Easy Tango method, the best way to learn Argentine Tango. Thank you, Diego y Andrea"

Yael Gine


"Thanks to the Easy Tango method I was able to emotionally connect with my partner and develop a pleasant way to dance"

Gino Garibaldi 


"Easy Tango is the gate to freedom, creativity and simpleness of this beautiful dance"

Stella Maris Pérez Corral