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Do TANGO the EASY way

I work with motivated students who want to become bolder and creative Tango dancers.


I know you!

You always thought dancing Tango was very difficult.

You are an eternal beginner, or at least right now, your Tango dancing makes you feel angry, your slow progress frustrates you and your dreams of becoming a Tango dancer just seem too far out of reach.

If you’re wondering whether you are too old to learn to dance Tango!

Don’t worry…

…It’s Easy.


You’re tired of making the same Tango mistakes again and again and again!

Don’t worry…

…It’s Easy.

You’re doing everything you’re supposed to – you’re going to weekly Tango classes, watching professional dancers' YouTube videos and spending all of your free time practicing Tango steps!

Don’t worry…

…It’s Easy.


So why aren’t you improving?

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry and welcome to Easy Tango!

I help my students take “Easy Tango” into the real Tango world!


Through the “Easy Tango” Teaching Method I help students improve their dancing skills, so they become confident and more natural Tango dancers. 

When you work with me you gain access to my knowledge and experience as an ACTA (Asociacion de Coaches de Tango de Argentina) qualified teacher who has successfully worked with hundreds of EASY TANGO students from around the world.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to push harder, challenge your bad dance habits and practice more effectively whilst giving you as much honest feedback as necessary in order for you to take your Tango skills from good to excellent.

You will work closely with me. You’ll learn easy, Argentine Tango dancing and be able to listen to the music effectively, clearly, naturally and confidently so that you never feel intimidated by new Tango situations!


So, let's get dancing!!!

Learn to dance Tango with me

Easy Tango School

  • Master Class

Tango - Vals - Milonga.

  • Private Classes

Exclusively for you, adapted to your particular needs.

  • Semi-private Classes 

Create your own Easy Tango Group!

Do TANGO the EASY way

  • Conference

    "Tango History" 

Tango and Parkinson Coaching

This course aimed at family member, therpists, and students from different disciplines, coaches, physical instructors or any individual from the community interested in leaning Tango dance as a rehabilitaction tool for people with Parkinson´s disease.

  • Conference

Argentine Tango dance as a rehabilitaction tool for people with Parkinson´s disease. 

ConeXXIon Tango Show

First Tango didactic show in the world.

A historical narrative is intertwined with a love story. An educational and artistic tour allows the audience to travel through time. Music, dance, theater, literature, poetry and visual arts are combined in this one of a kind show. 

Dancers: Diego López and Andrea Starosiliz. 

Learn more about my face to face courses