Itinerant Program

Directors: Diego Lopez and Rabbi Sergio Bergman
Art Direction: Andrea Starosiliz


Day 1

Introduction to the Program

Tango history conference:

  • Genealogy of Tango

  • Historic periods

  • Milestones, emblematic artists, music and dance styles


Tango Dance Master Class Part I


Day 2

Meeting venturing into the similarities between USA and Argentinian immigrant culture, Jazz and Tango.


Tango Dance Master Class Part II


Day 3

Colloquium with professors from different departments of the university.

Tango Dance Master Class Part III: different rhythms (Tango, Waltz and Milonga)


Day 4

Workshop: Healthy Tango, health benefits of dancing

Conference: Tango & Parkinson, benefits of dancing for Parkinson patients

Tango Dance Master Class Part IV: practice


Day 5

Conference: Jorge Luis Borges and Tango

ConeXXIon Tango:  show about its music history and dance evolution

Final closure dance. Diploma give out.