Itinerant Chair of Tango and Diversity

The "templo Libertad"  is the headquarters of the Itinerant Chair of Tango and Diversity. From its Ramah Hall - which has become an auditorium- every Thursday at 20 pm. will be held several meetings, creating a new cultural space where transmitting from the symbolism of the embrace of Tango, a message of respect for the difference and unity in diversity


Directors: Diego Lopez, Tango Coach, Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer

Rabbi Sergio Bergman,  Content Director  in  values ​​and diversity

Andrea Starosiliz, Artistic Director, Dancer, Teacher and Psychologist


Uniting Heritages

The Freedom Temple (769, Libertad Street, Buenos Aires City), declared as an historical monument of Buenos Aires City (Tangible Heritage) provides its space to operate as the main headquarters of the Itinerant Chair of Tango and Diversity. The Tango, declared by UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity. And from there artistic and educational activities will expand - Living Heritage Culture - and traveling rovingly to new headquarters.

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Every Thursday at 20 pm, various activities will take place so that community can enjoy our citizen culture


  • Educational Performances

  • School of Tango

  • Courses Healthy Tango

  • Lectures to the Community

  • Emotional Education




The first meeting took place on Thursday July 16, 2015. In its inauguration around table was held on "Tango and Cultural Diversity "with the words of Rabbi Bergman. After that the educational show TANGO was introduced: “ConeXXIon TANGO - timeless embraces”

Itinerant activities

For cultural centers, universities, businesses and interested groups, We offer a mix of proposals covering the cultural universe of Tango.


  • Didactic Show: “ConeXXIon TANGO”

  • Lectures on the History of Tango: its family tree, Healthy Tango, Tango and Parkinson, Emotional Education and Tango

  • Workshops of Tango, Milonga and Waltz to public in general

  • Workshops for teachers of  others dance styles

  • Exhibitions and small performances of Tango




diego lopez tango
cátedra itinerante de tango y diversidad

Inauguration Jazz en Libertad