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Do Tango the Easy way

Learn to dance Tango with us

You are wondering if you will ever dance Tango like an expert.

You want learn and improve more easily.

How long will it take?

Imagine you embrace a partner… And your Tango dancing flows out easily and naturally!

We know exactly what you’ll do!

You’ll finally get the Tango skills you’ve been looking for!

So right now, your Easy Tango program is waiting for you.

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Private classes

Exclusively for you, adapted to your particular needs.

All dance levels welcome. Singles or couples.

Duration: 60 mins  -  Pre-Registration required.

Monthly payment in advance.

Semi Private classes

Create your own Easy Tango Group!

Duration: 90 mins. Pre-Registration required.

Monthly payment in advance.

Weekly and monthly program Tango Coaching

Mixed Gender.

Duration: semi intensive or intensive (The duration is adapted to each program) Gain credits for the Tango Coach certificate.

Pre-Registration required.

Weekly or Monthly full payment in advance.

Group Lessons 

Friday 8 to 10pm in Easy Tango! Do TANGO the EASY way

Virtual and presential programs